You have decided to try trail running this autumn? Here’s what equipment you need

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trail running this autumn

You love nature, mountains and running? Then this is the right time to try trail running this autumn. Its sure you will fall in love with the trail on the first step.

The mountains are an ideal place if you want to go on a weekend out of town. And want to completely dedicate yourself to trail adventure. If you do not have the experience of running in the mountains, it is important to run in the company of those who already own it, to walk on marked trails, but also to have the appropriate equipment.

Here’s a suggestion on what your trail gear should look like:

Trail clothes

When it comes to trail equipment, it is very important to have it as little as possible on you, as well as to be very functional. Dry fit t-shirts and shorts / leggings and compression stockings are included.


The next item is a backpack. And what a backpack – primarily anatomical because it should adhere to the body. There should also be additives for water bottles, gels, etc. The new models of trail ranches have built-in canvas technology that allows sweat to evaporate from the back, which is very important so that they are not constantly wet on the back.

It’s always colder on the mountain – bring extra clothes

You should also have a ruffled jacket with a hood in your backpack. Primarily because it is colder in the mountains than in the city, and even if it happens to rain, you can pull an ace out of your sleeve (backpack). It is also important that the jacket has reflective elements in order to be visible, since you can find yourself in not so clear landscapes. Sometimes gloves are needed, especially if the mountain has a slightly harsher climate.

Protect your head on the mountain

Be sure to protect your head – with a hat, scarf, visor, ribbon or cap, and wear glasses. With them, you will protect yourself not only from the sun but also from insects.

Trail running poles

What you also need when you run a trail are poles. They can be carbon and aluminum, solid and collapsible.

You consult with race organizers or experienced trail runners about the route to know what type of pole to carry. It is important to know that the trail does not only mean running but also walking, climbing, descending and it is very important that you have a means by which you will lean, but also feel the ground under which you walk.

Bring a watch as well, because, in addition to the standard measurement of time, pace and heart rate, the map / route where you passed is also recorded. And not just for memory, but if you get lost, to know exactly where to go to get back on track

Trail running shoes

The last, but very important thing is sneakers. For the trail, you need sneakers adapted to the environment in which you are, and with that you know that there are no jokes.

You can’t run in sneakers intended for concrete or tartan, but in sneakers intended specifically for trails.

What is very important is that the sneakers are a little deeper and firmer, that they have a thicker sole and crampons, that they are stable and fit well to the foot.

It is also important that they are not heavy, as well as that the material from which the membrane is made is resistant to water, wind, but also that it absorbs sweat.

If the sneaker have an Ortholite insole it allows the foot to breathe and reduces the possibility of bacterial infections.

It is important that the shoelaces have the so-called. “Quick” technology that fixes them and prevents unwanted untying in the middle of the race.

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