Why is running in every article where disease prevention is mentioned?

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Disease prevention in the medical sense represents the actions that need to be taken to prevent the disease from occurring. That is, not to disturb the balance (homeostasis) in which our organism is.

Running is fun, pleasure, a way to gain fitness and vitality and everything else, but at the same time one of the ways to prevent many disorders that can damage our health.

Why is running mentioned in the texts that mention disease prevention and the quality of our health?

The answer partially comes to me every time I take off my wet T-shirt after a few miles. Just when I think I feel wonderful !!!

Running kills stress

I would put that experience first. Not taking off a wet T-shirt. But that beautiful feeling when endorphins, serotonin and other chemicals explode in us during physical activity. All this together reduces stress and tension. And we all know, or at least suspect, where stress can take us. There is no modern disease in which stress is not involved. As a cause or support for the development of the problem.

Prevention of heart disease and cardiovascular system

Another and very great danger to our health are cardiovascular diseases. They are among the most common causes of death. They are mostly chronic, but most of them can be prevented by a proper lifestyle.

Running strengthens the heart muscle, so it pumps blood more functionally, which reaches all other organs. Circulation is more intense, all organs are better circulating, nourished and work better.

Running is the prevention of obesity and diabetes

One of the most dangerous enemies of the heart is elevated blood fats. At the same time, by reducing cholesterol and triglycerides, we prevent their deposition in adipose tissue and obesity.

Obesity is a very harmful thing, not only for aesthetic reasons but also for overall health. Obesity can lead to a very difficult, long, insidious disease of metabolism – Diabetes mellitus type II.

Diabetes begins as a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism. While in the later stages there are numerous consequences that can significantly endanger overall health and vitality. Muscle contraction during physical activity leads to better utilization of glucose (sugar), up to 10 times. Well-used blood glucose is in optimal concentration and there is no diabetes or diabetes is well controlled so complications will be avoided.

Strengthen bones by running

Human also help their bones by running. We don’t usually think about bones until we are in some years when they start to hurt. Or we break them harder because they don’t have enough bone mass. Although they act hard and inert, bones are a very metabolically active tissue. By mechanical pressure, the bones receive a signal to increase the deposition of Ca and exchange substances. And in that way we speed up their metabolism, fullness and strength.

With the help of running, we feel more vital, healthier, more energetic, and that feeling does not deceive us, it really is that way.

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