What you can do before noon to be more creative

morning tips to be more creative

Running and outdoor activities are one of the five morning habits you need to do before 12:00 to make your work day more creative and productive.

1 Have breakfast wisely

An excellent breakfast or early snack is a smoothie that contains nuts, cocoa and fruit. It is recommended to use Greek yogurt, which contains B vitamins that stimulate the brain and increase focus. Stir in some berries, either blueberries, raspberries or frozen blackberries. Use cocoa. Add walnut to all this, it contains omega 3 fatty acids that improve circulation and blood flow to the brain.

2 Find fun in every day

The way you approach the day can significantly determine its course. If you approach the day with an attitude of play and joy, it can help you have more good ideas. A study published in the American Journal of Play shows that being playful can generate more abilities to apply creativity and can help develop versatility, optimism and a creative outlook on life. Being in the morning is not only not cool, but it also affects the working day. Maybe morning coffee is the solution for you.

3 Move to be creative

Putting exercise into your morning schedule will reduce stress and save your mind for a better work day. Before work, you can run, do cross-fit training, swim in business terms or simply ride a bike to work. And a walk to the office is enough! If you are regular, you will soon see the benefits of morning activity for the whole day. Through this practice, you actually “warm up the engines” and give yourself the opportunity to be the best in the moments when it is needed.

4 Change the scenery and get out

If you have opportunities and / or a flexible workplace, take your work for a walk. Working in nature reduces stress, improves mood and increases creativity. When it comes to creative work, you can easily fall into a pattern – changing the script can be a great solution. If you are not able to go outside, simply remove all unnecessary items from your desk.

5 Listen to cheerful music to be creative

A study published in the journal PLOS ONE found that listening to cheerful music “facilitates creative thinking compared to silence.” To achieve maximum results, put together your cheerful playlist that will move you and encourage you to go to work with more energy and creativity.

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