Training on vacation is a great thing? Be sure to try it! Otherwise, learn how to return to training after a break

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Training on vacation - how and why to run on seaside holiday

Summer is the period when the largest percentage of exercisers stop training. He trains to the sea, and the training for this season ends there when he leaves. It doesn’t have to be that way. If we plan the summer and the trip to the sea well, we can stay in training all the time, experience a more active vacation, and enter the fall in good condition.

Training on vacation for Continuity in training

One of the fundamental principles of success in training is continuity. Training in the broadest sense, but also running training must also be carried out for a long period of time without interruption. That is why it is important to look strategically at this area of life: set multi-year plans, annual, semi-annual, monthly, weekly.

In sports, the periodization of training is divided into preparatory, competitive and transitional periods. Recreational athletes can also divide their season into periods when they train intensively and participate in races and periods when they rest. Summer is the time when there are no big city marathons and races. That is why it is very convenient to have a transition period or a rest period that can be completely passive and without any training. But it can be diverted to some other activity such as swimming or cycling.

It is okay to give the body a complete rest of a week, but anything beyond that leads to a drastic drop in fitness.

How to organize training before the holiday?

Before rest, we can have impact training, these are training of large volume and high intensity. But a few days before the trip, you should reduce the amount of training and go on the trip relatively rested. Every time is stressful for the body, and that stress mixed with fatigue can knock down immunity. We don’t want that while we’re on vacation.

How to organize training on vacation?

Depending on how you designed your vacation, you should set a training plan.

If it’s an active vacation and you want to set aside three times a week for an hour, then just continue with your regular training plan.

If you want to reduce your running training, but still stay in shape, it is enough to run every second or third day at an easy pace for half an hour.

Do not run on the first and last day. On the first day, adapt to the new environment, take a walk and rest from the road. On the last day, rest for the journey.

Two periods are perfect for running on the sea: early in the morning and at sunset. What you should never do is run in the bright sun.

On the days you don’t run it would be great to set yourself some other activities like swimming, diving, cycling, surfing…

How to choose the perfect running destination for a seaside holiday?

If you are an avid runner, you must have checked the conditions for running when choosing a location for your vacation. The place you are going to should be partly flat, but also have some hilly areas. As few people and as little crowd as possible is a good condition. The area should be wooded and there should be long paths by the sea.

Make every workout a new adventure. Determine the targets you want to run to – whether they are nearby towns, hilltops or some beaches.

Do not look back at the time, but respect the mileage from the program.

How to return to regular training after a vacation?

If you took a long break and didn’t run at all, don’t immediately go 100% into training. The first week train 50% of the program, the second 70%, the third 90% and the fourth go back to 100%.

If you have been training hard at sea, then take a few days off from the trip and return to training without any restrictions.

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