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running in the sun

Running in the sun – should you use sunscreen?

Running in the sun is the topic that come into focus as the temperature starts to exceed the 30th division. The question we all ask is how to protect ourselves from the sun’s rays...
pollen allergy

Running with a pollen allergy – How to run when a pollen allergy occurs?

Running and pollen allergy do not go together. After a cold and slippery winter, pollen spoils the racing idyll for many runners in the spring. Also, after a hot summer when the heat prevents...
running during the summer

Running during the summer – how to protect ourselves from the sun and make running during the summer a pleasure?

Summer has arrived and it seems that we will not be running at temperatures below 25 ° C(77 degrees Fahrenheit) any time soon, and it is almost certain that there will be more days...
sunburn and heatstroke

Sunburn and heat stroke are not the same thing. Distinguish them and react quickly, because they can be very dangerous for runners in the summer

Sunburn or heat stroke? We use these terms popularly as synonyms, we mix them both through symptoms and through the story of recovery. The difference is great, and the form of the problem requires...