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blood pressure

What is blood pressure and how does running help regulate blood pressure?

Blood pressure is one of the main vital signs of a person What is blood pressure? It represents the pressure of the blood on the blood vessels and decreases from the heart towards the...
running 5km every day

Running 5km every day. What would happen to our body?

Maybe running 5km every day sounds a lot or a little, but our body would feel the difference. Running 5km every day? No chance. This is certainly the first thought of most people who...
Running and weight loss

Running and weight loss: Why is light running better for burning fat than running fast?

Running and weight loss go well together. Running is one of the best and most effective ways to exercise to burn fat and lose weight. Many current runners originally wanted to lose weight and...
How can I get better at running

How can I get better at running? Make sure you have already done all this, because these are steps that will help you improve

How can I get better at running? It is a question that every runner asks at least once. As much as you are happy with your current racing results, there is always room for...