Running 5km every day. What would happen to our body?

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running 5km every day

Maybe running 5km every day sounds a lot or a little, but our body would feel the difference.

running 5km every day

Running 5km every day? No chance.

This is certainly the first thought of most people who read this title. Maybe 5 kilometers sounds a lot or a little, but if we ran them every day, our body would feel the difference.

Of course, most things would change for the better – health would improve, weight would decrease, muscles would become stronger… But look at what really happens if a person is persistent enough and runs for half an hour a day. This length is the best and the best length to fulfill all the above-mentioned items, plus half an hour a day is enough for that mileage.

What will happen to the muscles?

There is no doubt that you will notice better endurance, which will improve due to regular exercise. You will notice changes in the thigh muscles, buttocks, as well as in the arms and shoulders. Although fitness experts until recently said that cardiovascular exercises do not help strengthen muscles, research has shown that regular cardio exercises also develop muscles. Of course, the muscles will not be as big and stressed as when you do strength exercises.

How does running 5km every day affect the joints?

Although there is a common opinion that running is bad for the joints, short but regular running is actually very useful and reduces the possibility of injury. Why is it so? The number of injuries is reduced due to weight loss, and better physical fitness. Of course, it is very important to slowly increase the level of exercise and not to overdo it. If you have the time and desire, add swimming and cycling to running to strengthen other muscles and joints.

How does running 5km every day affect weight?

If you run 5 kilometers every day, you will no doubt lose extra pounds. Especially if you pay at least a little attention to your diet. Even if you do not change your usual diet, you will lose unwanted weight. The math is very simple – you burn more calories or kilojoules than before. For example, if you run 5 kilometers, for the average adult it is 360 calories less.

How does running 5km every day affect physical fitness?

Regular running is good for physical fitness. Physical fitness is reflected in your body’s ability to absorb and use oxygen during exercise. There is a harmony of work of the lungs, muscles, heart, and blood. The more regularly you train, the better you will be physically fit. So, if the goal is to run 5km a day, you can slowly speed up the pace and thus increase your physical fitness more and more. Running daily will definitely increase your heart rate, the amount of oxygen your lungs can receive, and the time your muscles can handle.

How does running 5km every day affect mood?

The positive effect of running can be reflected in your mood and mental health. It is known that regular movement of people is a prelude to depression. Already 15 minutes of exercise a day contributes to a better mood. And running every day will almost certainly bring a smile to your face.

How does running 5km every day affect sleep?

Not only will your mood improve, but your sleep will also improve! Why? You will be much more tired than if you sat all day. Of course, be careful not to run in the heat or just before going to bed.

Tip: Start slowly

Daily running will have a positive effect on overall health. It will strengthen your heart and blood vessels, improve muscle function and composition, improve mood and work zeal. On top of that, you will lose excess fat and pounds. This is not only a plus for your health, but also for your self-confidence. However, be careful. We advise you to start slowly, maybe running 1 kilometer or walking 5. If you are really tired, it is always good to treat yourself to a day of complete rest.

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