running in the sun


Running in the sun – should you use sunscreen?

Running in the sun is the topic that come into focus as the temperature starts to exceed the 30th division. The question we all ask is how to protect ourselves from the sun’s rays...

morning tips to be more creative


What you can do before noon to be more creative

Running and outdoor activities are one of the five morning habits you need to do before 12:00 to make your work day more creative and productive. 1 Have breakfast wisely An excellent breakfast or...

woman spring running


5 tips for transition from winter to spring running

Spring running brings a whole range of things that bring a smile to every runner’s face. For starters, there are equipment that is again cheerful and bright colors and natural vitamin D. You’re probably...

tips for winter running

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Running during the winter is a challenge for many. However, all more experienced runners know that a good base for spring is made during the winter. Winter is also an ideal time to start...

Do we burn extra calories when it's cold outside


Do we burn extra calories when it’s cold outside?

The answer is no, not directly. But new evidence shows that colder conditions force the body to burn extra calories to maintain body temperature. Why does the body burn extra calories? When the temperature...

running in the rain


Rain and running are good couple if you know what to wear for running in the rain

When it comes to rain and running, the hardest part is taking the first step and going outside. After that everything is easier and worth the effort. Everything is even easier if you know...



Why is running in every article where disease prevention is mentioned?

Disease prevention in the medical sense represents the actions that need to be taken to prevent the disease from occurring. That is, not to disturb the balance (homeostasis) in which our organism is. Running...

trail running this autumn

Running Gear, trail

You have decided to try trail running this autumn? Here’s what equipment you need

You love nature, mountains and running? Then this is the right time to try trail running this autumn. Its sure you will fall in love with the trail on the first step. The mountains...


How much sleep do we need? How harmful is the myth of a couple of hours of sleep?

Is there a person for whom sleeping is not a pleasure? But how much sleep do we need? We all have an innate need for sleep, so again, some indulge in this need easily,...

blood pressure


What is blood pressure and how does running help regulate blood pressure?

Blood pressure is one of the main vital signs of a person What is blood pressure? It represents the pressure of the blood on the blood vessels and decreases from the heart towards the...