How to build a home gym for runners

home gym

Going to training and/or the gym often requires a lot of time. So the best solution for some people is a home gym.

When they finally decide to create such a space at home, the problem is constant storage and placement of equipment. Listen to a few tips on how to get to a home gym where everything will be in one place with minimal investment.

An ideal room for exercise

Regardless of whether you have an extra room in which you can place a gym (attic, basement, or garage). Or you have a part of the room that is not fully used. There is always a solution for a home gym.

Not every room is an ideal corner for exercise. Two key things to keep in mind are adequate lighting and the ability to ventilate the room.

Another important item, if the gym will be included in another room, is that the access to equipment and props is unobstructed. And can be easily organized. You can either fence off such a place. Or add a certain color to it so that it visually fits better into the interior. At the same time, it is very important that you have a disposal system.

Home gym in the apartment

Home gym in the apartment

As the sale of flats and real estate is on the rise in the last couple of years, people like to design them according to their taste and needs.

When buying real estate. And make suggestions on how to fit a potential home gym into your new living space. Whether you decide on a separate room or slightly expand the existing one.

If you own a smaller apartment, it is possible to balance exercise with everyday life with a proper schedule.

As a basis, you need to know how much space you need. The space you set aside for exercise must allow you to stand, raise your arms above your head, jump, and do push-ups and sit-ups.

So as long as you have enough space to stand, jump and move with outstretched arms, you have room for a home gym. The minimum space required is about half a square meter, with a sufficiently high ceiling.

Exercise and floor insulation

A large number of props can be used during practice. It is important that the floor has good insulation to prevent damage.

Most often, mats are used for insulation, because in addition to soundproofing the floors, they also have the ability to cushion jumps and thus protect the joints. Of course, you choose the mats based on the quality and colors that fit into the space, but also after you have acquired all the necessary props for exercise.

Setting realistic goals

Before buying props and equipment, you need to realistically answer a couple of key questions: how much space will you need,

  • what are you trying to achieve with a home gym,
  • how many people will use the space
  • and what budget you have.
  • The answers to these questions will help with the organization of the space and the purchase of equipment that you will actually use.

If the equipment doesn’t leave enough room for easy movement, you won’t use it.
To begin with, it would be ideal to start with small props, such as dumbbells and elastic bands, to see if this exercise system is right for you.

Equipment adequate for your space

In order to meet your goal when it comes to a home gym, you don’t need bulky equipment. A few selected pieces of equipment and an area for stretching, yoga or functional training can be a good use of space.

Pay attention to the quality, durability and ease of use of the device and its price. Invest money and get only those devices that you plan to exercise on regularly.

Home gym and audio equipment

In gyms and exercise rooms, one of the first things that is noticed is the TV or audio equipment with speakers installed throughout the space.

This is because certain music acts as a stimulus for the exercises you do, so you can also equip your gym with good audio equipment.

Music is an additional stimulation for people who don’t really like working out in the gym. Tv can come in handy when you want to practice with an online instructor and avoid the feeling of being alone.

Lighting in home gym

An item that many forget about when equipping a home gym is lighting.

Often, the rooms chosen for the home gym are poorly lit. However, dimmed light can have a soporific effect and thus affect motivation.

In order to improve the situation, choose energy-saving LED bulbs. They emit neutral white light and are pleasing to the eye and motivating.

Exercise efficiency and how to increase it

Adding a mirror to the home gym will contribute not only to the aesthetics. But also to the efficiency of the workout.

Mirrors are important because you will be able to follow the movements and focus on doing the exercises correctly. They are generally installed without a frame, in order to use every centimeter of sight and to make the space larger.

Every factor that affects the better organization of the home gym is equally important. In order to fulfill the full potential of the home exercise space.

Enjoy the process of equipping and exercising. So that taking care of your physical health at home is as pleasant as possible. Organize so that functional items are not only functional and within reach. But also aesthetically appealing enough to make you want to return to this part of the home the very next morning.

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