How can I get better at running? Make sure you have already done all this, because these are steps that will help you improve

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How can I get better at running

How can I get better at running? It is a question that every runner asks at least once. As much as you are happy with your current racing results, there is always room for improvement. Check out how you can increase your potential while running.

How do I get better at running? A list of steps to this goal

Each of us has our own training plan, routine or way of approaching running. Every time we run we do our best to be a little better at the end of the day than at the beginning. And what else can you do to help you increase speed, endurance, better posture and recovery?

Diversity in training

If you are a recreational runner who goes for a run without a plan three or four times a week, you run according to your feelings and your pace, that is good.

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But if you always go to training in the same way, what will be the result of such training? Always the same. Consistency is important while running, but you also need to progress. So include sprints, length training, light recovery runs, downhill running…

Strength exercises at least once a week

This has been heard by every runner a thousand times, but it is still worth repeating, because runners often neglect strength training. Just running will not give you the strength you need to get better.

Dynamic warming

Dynamic warming stimulates blood circulation, speeds up the work of the heart, warms the muscles and prepares the body for successful running. You will be ready from the first step onwards.

Focus on hydration

How much water you drink during the day affects many things, including running, which you plan later. Not only will you feel better and run better while running than you would be dehydrated, but your general condition, focus, and problem-solving ability will also be better.

Follow your runs

At least the more important ones so you can observe what is good and what is bad for your running and find out how you are progressing. Write in your training diary any event of the day or condition that may have led to a weaker workout (e.g., sleepless, long workday…).

Register for the race and check if you are better at running through the competition

Running marathon race
Photo by RUN 4 FFWPU from Pexels

If you compete with other runners every now and then, nothing bad will happen. You will learn how good you are compared to them, and at the same time this will give you motivation to train and improve. It is also a great thing for socialization because you will meet many interesting people from different cities and countries at the races.

A day off is as important as training

Take a day off when you will not be running or doing strength exercises. You can stretch a little, take a walk or something. Let the body breathe and rest.

Run up the hill and you will be better at running on a flat surface

Include regular hill running in your training plan, even if you don’t like it. Choose different slopes: straight and longer, steep and shorter… This will give you strength and strengthen muscles that you do not use as much when running on flat terrain (eg buttocks).

Take care of the condition of your running shoes

As you know, running shoes are made for a certain number of kilometers (about 500km-600km), after that they lose some of their properties and do not have the same support you expect from them, so although the sneakers look great on the eye, consider getting new ones after that mileage , so you will be safer from injuries.

Do stability and balance exercises

These exercises are often overlooked, but are great for runners. They isolate one muscle and show its weakness and tend to eliminate it (not allowing other muscles to do the work for it)

Get to know yourself to be better at running

Know when you can outdo yourself and set a new personal record, and when you need to leave a race or skip a run, otherwise you would injure yourself and / or prolong your recovery from an injury you already have. At the same time, by getting to know yourself and consciously following your organism, you will understand when it is time to stop if something hurts you or you do not have the strength, so as not to overdo it.

Help yourself with nutrition

After each run, think carefully about what you will eat and thus help your body to recover. You will notice that you run much better and easier because of a proper meal.

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