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tips for winter running


Running during the winter is a challenge for many. However, all more experienced runners know that a good base for spring is made during the winter. Winter is also an ideal time to start...
running 5km every day

Running 5km every day. What would happen to our body?

Maybe running 5km every day sounds a lot or a little, but our body would feel the difference. Running 5km every day? No chance. This is certainly the first thought of most people who...
running during the summer

Running during the summer – how to protect ourselves from the sun and make running during the summer a pleasure?

Summer has arrived and it seems that we will not be running at temperatures below 25 ° C(77 degrees Fahrenheit) any time soon, and it is almost certain that there will be more days...
Can swimming help runners get faster

Can swimming help runners get faster? Not only that, swimming is good for runners for these 5 reasons

Can swimming help runners get faster? Swimming is a great form of training for runners, plus it can help injured runners recover faster. It is good for runners and every runner might consider adding...
mountain running technique

Mountain running technique – How to run uphill and downhill?

Mountain running will make you a better runner. That’s why mountain running technique is important whether you want to try a trail race or plan to incorporate hill training into your marathon training plan....
How can I get better at running

How can I get better at running? Make sure you have already done all this, because these are steps that will help you improve

How can I get better at running? It is a question that every runner asks at least once. As much as you are happy with your current racing results, there is always room for...