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Training on vacation - how and why to run on seaside holiday

Training on vacation is a great thing? Be sure to try it! Otherwise, learn how to return to training after a break

Summer is the period when the largest percentage of exercisers stop training. He trains to the sea, and the training for this season ends there when he leaves. It doesn’t have to be that...
morning tips to be more creative

What you can do before noon to be more creative

Running and outdoor activities are one of the five morning habits you need to do before 12:00 to make your work day more creative and productive. 1 Have breakfast wisely An excellent breakfast or...
tips for winter running


Running during the winter is a challenge for many. However, all more experienced runners know that a good base for spring is made during the winter. Winter is also an ideal time to start...
running 5km every day

Running 5km every day. What would happen to our body?

Maybe running 5km every day sounds a lot or a little, but our body would feel the difference. Running 5km every day? No chance. This is certainly the first thought of most people who...
Running and weight loss

Running and weight loss: Why is light running better for burning fat than running fast?

Running and weight loss go well together. Running is one of the best and most effective ways to exercise to burn fat and lose weight. Many current runners originally wanted to lose weight and...
the first marathon time

Is it the right time to prepare for the first marathon in your life? If you have everything from this list, all you have left is training

Deciding whether to get ready and run your first marathon or not is not easy to make. Although the numbers say that the marathon is twice the distance from the half marathon, in fact...