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energy for running

How do we get the energy for running

In order to contract, muscles need energy, or rather a very special fuel, ATP. We can say that muscles are like machines in which chemical energy is converted into kinetic energy. In addition to...
How to plan your race season

How to plan your race season?

By now, you’ve probably implemented a running plan that helps you reach a clear goal – run a certain distance or achieve a desired time. Running alone or in a group, with or without...

What is glycogen? Why there is a lack of glycogen and hitting the marathon wall and how to avoid it

The liver converts carbohydrates into glycogen. Glycogen then goes to the muscles and is stored there. It “burns” quickly and gives the body fast energy. Although this is the basic energy for sprinters, so...
How can I get better at running

How can I get better at running? Make sure you have already done all this, because these are steps that will help you improve

How can I get better at running? It is a question that every runner asks at least once. As much as you are happy with your current racing results, there is always room for...
the first marathon time

Is it the right time to prepare for the first marathon in your life? If you have everything from this list, all you have left is training

Deciding whether to get ready and run your first marathon or not is not easy to make. Although the numbers say that the marathon is twice the distance from the half marathon, in fact...