New world record! Aleksandr Sorokin ran 319.6 km in 24 hours!

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Aleksandr Sorokin

319.6 kilometers. In one day. Running. Suffice it to say – Aleksandr Sorokin.

He just set a new 24-hour world record of 319.614 kilometers at the 2022 IAU 24-hour European Championships in Verona, Italy this weekend.

A pace of 4:30 minutes per kilometer or 7:15 min/mile 24 hours continuously!

He has already broken records

And this is not the first time. On August 28 and 29, 2021, he broke Yannis Kouros’ “unbreakable” world record of 303.506 kilometers by almost six kilometers and a length of 309 kilometers. This time, he broke his own record by more than 10 kilometers!

For those who are not familiar with Aleksandr Sorokin, it is important to note that he has also set the 100 kilometer world record, the 100 mile world record, the 12 hour world record and the 24 hour world record all in the last 17 months!

Aleksandr Sorokin wasn’t always a runner

He started running only in 2013 when he was 32 years old. “I was a kayak sprinter when I was young and competed for the national team and at the youth world championships, and then I got injured,”. Aleksandr says. “I started running to get in shape when I weighed 100 kg. I didn’t play sports at the time, I just drank and smoked a lot.” He knew his lifestyle needed a change. “Then I just started running,” he says.

After several months of training, Sorokin ran a half marathon. A few weeks later he saw an ad for a 100km race in Lithuania and that’s when his ultrarunning life began. He turns 41 on September 30.

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