10.000 steps a day cover

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Do you count how many steps you take each day? Do you know why the recommended number is 10.000 steps a day?

An entire industry has been built around this claim. A person should walk 10.000 steps a day to stay healthy. There are over 300,000 posts on Instagram with #10000steps or a similar tag Fitness...

Aleksandr Sorokin


New world record! Aleksandr Sorokin ran 319.6 km in 24 hours!

319.6 kilometers. In one day. Running. Suffice it to say – Aleksandr Sorokin. He just set a new 24-hour world record of 319.614 kilometers at the 2022 IAU 24-hour European Championships in Verona, Italy...

energy for running

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How do we get the energy for running

In order to contract, muscles need energy, or rather a very special fuel, ATP. We can say that muscles are like machines in which chemical energy is converted into kinetic energy. In addition to...

home gym

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How to build a home gym for runners

Going to training and/or the gym often requires a lot of time. So the best solution for some people is a home gym. When they finally decide to create such a space at home,...

Why do you need running strength - cover

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Why do you need running strength

Running strength is essential to you because it is the foundation on which quality running stands. If the muscles are not strong enough and the joints are stable, we are at a high risk...

Training on vacation - how and why to run on seaside holiday

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Training on vacation is a great thing? Be sure to try it! Otherwise, learn how to return to training after a break

Summer is the period when the largest percentage of exercisers stop training. He trains to the sea, and the training for this season ends there when he leaves. It doesn’t have to be that...

How to breathe when running - all about breathing-min

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How to breathe when running – all about breathing

One of the most common questions asked by all beginners in running is – how do I breathe when I run? But this question is also important for those who have been running for...

How to plan your race season

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How to plan your race season?

By now, you’ve probably implemented a running plan that helps you reach a clear goal – run a certain distance or achieve a desired time. Running alone or in a group, with or without...


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What is glycogen? Why there is a lack of glycogen and hitting the marathon wall and how to avoid it

The liver converts carbohydrates into glycogen. Glycogen then goes to the muscles and is stored there. It “burns” quickly and gives the body fast energy. Although this is the basic energy for sprinters, so...

My training plan for the first half marathon

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My training plan for the first half marathon

This is the training plan that I used to prepare for the first half marathon. An easy training plan for a half marathon is most suitable for beginners who are preparing for longer sections...