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What is glycogen? Why there is a lack of glycogen and hitting the marathon wall and how to avoid it

The liver converts carbohydrates into glycogen. Glycogen then goes to the muscles and is stored there. It “burns” quickly and gives the body fast energy. Although this is the basic energy for sprinters, so...

My training plan for the first half marathon

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My training plan for the first half marathon

This is the training plan that I used to prepare for the first half marathon. An easy training plan for a half marathon is most suitable for beginners who are preparing for longer sections...



Heart rate 101

What is pulse or heart rate? The pulse represents the heart rate. With each beat, the heart pumps blood to all parts of our body, enabling the normal functioning of the organism. The pulse...

What to dress for a run

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What to dress for a run at different temperatures

You must have asked yourself at least once: What to dress for a run at this temperature? When you started running, you felt that you needed a sweater because it was a bit cold...

cooper test


What is Cooper test? What it shows to you and how to do it correctly?

The Cooper test is run for 12 minutes, during which time the distance is measured. Depending on the age, gender and distance achieved, Cooper’s test results can range from very poor to very good....

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Running in the sun – should you use sunscreen?

Running in the sun is the topic that come into focus as the temperature starts to exceed the 30th division. The question we all ask is how to protect ourselves from the sun’s rays...

morning tips to be more creative


What you can do before noon to be more creative

Running and outdoor activities are one of the five morning habits you need to do before 12:00 to make your work day more creative and productive. 1 Have breakfast wisely An excellent breakfast or...

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5 tips for transition from winter to spring running

Spring running brings a whole range of things that bring a smile to every runner’s face. For starters, there are equipment that is again cheerful and bright colors and natural vitamin D. You’re probably...

tips for winter running

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Running during the winter is a challenge for many. However, all more experienced runners know that a good base for spring is made during the winter. Winter is also an ideal time to start...

Do we burn extra calories when it's cold outside


Do we burn extra calories when it’s cold outside?

The answer is no, not directly. But new evidence shows that colder conditions force the body to burn extra calories to maintain body temperature. Why does the body burn extra calories? When the temperature...